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Barbell Logic

Sep 29, 2023

Stop being cheap! Consider the value of your time and invest in things that make you money and provide you value.

Stop Being Cheap: Value per Unit Time

Too many in the fitness industry value their time too little.

Comparing options for online coaching platforms, you see one option is $1 cheaper per client per month.

The other option prioritizes efficiency, helping you coach more clients in less time.

Which to you go with?

Too many go with the first option.

Start thinking about the value of your time.

As a coach, think not only about the value you're providing to your clients, but the value per unit time. Eliminate things that don't provide value, focus on things that do, and become more efficient in delivering those things.

Spend more time on the important, not the urgent.

This means you can coach more clients, you can spend more time finding more clients, you can spend more time working on your business, not in your business.

Stop Being Cheap: Consider the Value of Your Time

How much money can you make during the time you perform menial tasks (e.g. grocery shopping, mowing the lawn)?

Consider the value of your time and stop being cheap.

If you can make $200 per hour, why would you mow your lawn?

Instead, do the things that make you money.

Think of this as buying "back" your time. Of course, you're actually buying it up front, not buying past time back.

So, stop being cheap: consider the value of your time.

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