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Barbell Logic

Jan 17, 2023

Walking seems so simple and easy, so mundane and pedestrian (literally) that it couldn't constitute an important part of your overall health and fitness plan, right?

Wrong. Walking provides innumerable health and wellness benefits. These benefits include physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Don't pooh pooh walking. Whether you're tracking your steps, hiking, or going for short walks throughout the day, consider adding walking to your routine.

The wonders of walking abound. Get out there and walk!

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Physical Health Benefits of Walking

As walking is a physical activity, the most obvious benefits, like other forms of physical activity, are physical health benefits.

More walking every day - more steps - is correlated with better health outcomes.

It may seem obvious, but humans aren't meant to sit all day in front of some type of screen.

The low level physical activity fits solidly within the aerobic energy system, and unless you're walking briskly or up a steep incline, you shouldn't have to exert yourself too much.

In addition to simply more activity, walking typically happens outside, which provides vitamin D from the sun, something that too many of us are lacking.

Looking into the wonders of walking? Start with the benefits to your health and fitness.

Mental Health Benefits of Walking

You can't talk about walking without mental health. Physical activity and exercise, of course, improves mental health.

Walking for most people doesn't induce the same stress that a hard conditioning or lifting workout does. It can get us out in nature, under the sun, and can be done alone, with someone, or with the accompaniment of a podcast or audiobook.

Some people meditate when they walk, as opposed to the more traditional form where you sit and meditate.

Whether you're looking for some alone time, some time with your partner or friend, or some time to listen to a podcast or audiobook, the wonders of walking include mental health benefits.

Wonders of Walking - Time to Think

Related to the above but deserving of its own separate mention, is the ability to think and have thoughts arise.

Many artists, writers, and important figures have sworn by the benefits of walking. It can be an opportunity to do some deep work, away from the distractions of the home, the phone, and the computer.

Have something that you're worried about? Think about it during a walk. Or, avoid thinking about it, and you might find that solutions and ideas occur to you, even though you weren't actively thinking about the challenge.

Wonders of Walking - Ease, Simplicity, Availability

Maybe it doesn't need to be said, but maybe the primary beauty of walking is how almost anyone can do it.

It doesn't require hardly any equipment at all. You should probably have some shoes and weather appropriate attire, but really you can walk barefoot if you have to.

Just walk.

Start to develop different routes, so that you have a variety of lengths and scenery to choose from. Pick easier, shorter routes around your neighborhood, and maybe some walks further away in nature, when you really want to get away.

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