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Barbell Logic

May 3, 2024

Learn when to hire out to free up time from urgent, non-important tasks so you can focus on what truly matters.

When to Hire Out: The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix groups tasks into 4 categories:

  • Not urgent and not important
  • Urgent, not important
  • Not urgent, important
  • Urgent and important

Urgency deals with a close due date. These tend to be someone else's priority (bills, taxes, work tasks, household chores).

Important tasks are important to you.

Tasks can overlap in terms of urgency and importance, but often important non-urgent tasks get ignored because you have to motivate yourself to do them.

You need to maximize efficiency on urgent and important tasks.

Stop doing non-urgent and non-important tasks.

Now we come to urgent but non-important tasks.

When to Hire Out: Urgent, Non-Important Tasks

These tasks have to get done, but tend to be relatively unskilled. When they are skilled, someone else can typically do them for you.

Initially, as a business owner and young person, you have to perform these tasks. At some point, though, you have to be able to spend time working on the business, not in it, and you gain that time by automating and delegating these tasks.

One option is to hire tasks out. Matt sometimes uses Upwork or Fiverr for tasks like artistic renderings. Not only can Matt as the CEO and founder not perform these tasks well, but even the marketing and design team within Barbell Logic needs to be focused on more important work. Their time is worth more than these relatively quick tasks.

When to Hire Out: TurnKey Coach for Personal Trainers

This is what TurnKey Coach offers to coaches and personal trainers. Instead of using a dozen apps, use one that delivers communication, programming, metrics-tracking, screen recording, scheduling, and payment processing.

The App is build for efficiency, to maximize not only quality of life but enable you to study your craft and acquire more clients. Work on your business, not in your business.

This podcast is brought to you by TurnKey Coach. Enhance your coaching effectiveness and efficiency with TurnKey Coach. You can learn more by going HERE.

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