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Barbell Logic

Aug 31, 2020

MED offers a useful framework to modify lifters' programming, taking a lifter from the novice linear progression to and through advanced, longer, more complicated programs.  Small changes not only increase stress, lengthen the stress recovery-adaptation-cycle, and bring continued PRs but allow the coach and lifter to tweak a program that has brought success, experiment with which small changes tend to enable more progress, and tailor effective templates to the lifter.

Despite MED's utility, small changes may stop being effective because of lifters' changed goals or boredom.  

If lifters' goals change, coaches can modify programming to better suit their goals.  The goal suggests the path because we understand how to better program for hypertrophy, weight loss, or a triathlon.  

If lifters grow bored of the relative similarity that advanced programming can sometimes bring, we can alter programming substantially to keep lifters interested and enjoying the process.  We can also encourage changes outside of programming.  Some potential changes include AMRAPs, new lift variants, Westside-style programming, changing from block to DUP or vice versa, lifting in a public gym or outside, finding a lifting partner, dynamic training, and signing up for a competition.  

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