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Barbell Logic

Oct 20, 2023

Why you should take a vacation: to get into the important, get out from under the tyranny of the urgent, and reset (for work & what is important to you).

Why You Should Take a Vacation - Reset & Relax

Life naturally contains cycles.

You stress yourself in the gym, then you rest to allow recovery and adaptation to occur. Without the rest, there is no adaptation. Without the stress, there is no adaptation. Both contribute to the goal: improvement toward your goal.

After day comes night. Following the cold of winter, comes the blooming and growth of spring, the heat of summer, and the harvest that leads back into winter.

Traditionally, many religions have times of fasting and feasting - and the largest feasts are often preceded by the severest fasts.

If you overreach in training, you deload. Even within a workout, you can lift more weight between sets or run harder on an interval only after you have rested.

We cannot, as humans, grind all the time. It is inhuman.

Why You Should Take a Vacation - Tyranny of the Urgent

You need times to overcome the tyranny of the urgent and prioritize the important.

This includes working "on the business, not in the business." It also includes spending time with friends and family, self-improvement and professional development, leisure and exercise.

Business people and artists build time to allow thoughts to arise in their minds. This may be a daily walk, weekly "no cell phone" days, or quarterly or annual retreats.

Just as we cannot and will not become strong if we were to decide to start a workout today and never end it (sets until you die), neither can we work with sleep, food, leisure, and rest.

Why you should take a vacation (or a walk, a retreat, a break, a day without social media, celebrate a holiday or feast): because you're human.

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