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Barbell Logic

Mar 27, 2018

Last of the Big Four lifts (squat, bench press, press, deadlift), but certainly not least, the Deadlift is perhaps the purest test of strength. The deadlift is pulled off the floor from a dead stop, as the name suggests, meaning it is a purely concentric movement. There's no way to cheat the deadlift. It either leaves the ground or it doesn't. For this reason it is both brutally difficult, and supremely satisfying to lock out a heavy deadlift. As the 4x World's Strongest Man Jon Paul Sigmarsson once said, "there is no reason to be alive if you can't do deadlift."


Matt and Scott walk through the finer points of getting that bar off the ground in the most efficient manner, and share tips and tricks for adding extra pounds on your lift.


Here's Jon Paul deadlifting a 1,005lb axle, and delivering his famous quote.


SSC of the Week

Rebekah Cygan - Rebekah is a PT and an excellent coach for lifters looking to rehab or train around injuries. Get in touch with Rebekah at Krieg Strength and Conditioning.


Rebekah has also written an excellent article for which you can read here.


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