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Barbell Logic

Jun 1, 2018

Matt and Scott interview SSOC clients Amber and Taylor Bruseke. Taylor is a surgeon specializing in pelvic floor issues. Amber is a former fitness instructor who discovered strength training after teaching Zumba, body pump, and other classes for years. She grew frustrated with her physique which, despite the years of teaching exercise classes, did not change much. After discovering Starting Strength via Mark Rippetoe's interview with Mike Matthews on the Muscle for Life Podcast, she got strong and developed the muscular yet feminine look she had been looking for.


Similarly, Taylor transformed his body after medical school by gaining over 40 pounds of muscular bodyweight and getting MUCH stronger in the process. He took his squat from around 70lbs to over 360lbs in about one year with SSOC. The increased strength improved his stamina during surgery, and also improved his confidence commanding the operating room. Interestingly, he also noticed improved motor skills during awkward surgical procedures.


Amber is very active on Instagram as @biceps.after.babies and now offers nutrition coaching for women at Biceps After Babies on Linktree.


Taylor is also on IG @muscle.after.medschool. Follow his lifting endeavors!


SSC of the Week

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy - homeschooling mom of 5 kids, a competitive powerlifter, and the Owner and Operator of AM_Strength in Gig Harbor, WA! Check her out on the IG at @am_strength. You can also email her at


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