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Barbell Logic

Jun 8, 2018

Matt and Scott close out the interviews recorded at StrengthCon I with returning guest Niki Sims. Niki is an SSC and a staff coach, as well as the Relationship Manager at Starting Strength Online Coaching. She joins the podcast today to talk about her unofficial title of Chin Up Queen and how to structure a successful chin up program for females.


Niki shares her vision for the future of SSOC and helping Starting Strength reach a broader audience. Of course, this being the Barbell Logic podcast, Matt and Scott press her for details on both her role as Relationships Manager and her personal relationships as well.


You can find Niki at the SSOC site or on Instagram @vera_nahce


There are a limited number of "Don't Touch My Bar" t-shirts still available in the SSOC store. Order now and avoid aggressive bench press spotting!


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