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Barbell Logic

Nov 8, 2018

Matt and Scott answer your questions in Q&A #4. Listeners submitted questions via email and Instagram and the boys will tackle them over the course of several episodes.


This week they answer:

  1. Donald Kavanaugh asks: What makes you rage? For Scott, pretentious patrons at the local movie theater, apparently. Matt dodged the question.
  2. Andy Roth asks: What kind of data does Matt have on SSOC client progress during online coaching? Matt has hired a team of statisticians to review all the client data SSOC has been gathering, which will be published in the future on Starting Strength, but he offers one interesting tidbit: the average male SSOC client increases his squat almost 300% during the life of the training.
  3. From Starting Strength superfan Tyler Austin: When training the general population, do you prefer the Press 2.0 or the Classic Press (a la Bill Starr with layback)? Matt prefers a progression from strict press to 2.0, with intermediate steps if the client just can't get the timing of the hips down with the 2.0. Scott agrees, noting that unless his client is going to compete, he doesn't teach the Classic Press at all.
  4. Stan Belot asks: How do you manage training while on business or vacation, especially when you don't have your regular equipment? Scott says just get in the gym, do something as heavy as you can, and get out. The consistency is the important thing; you don't have to hit your numbers exactly. Matt adds that if you're on vacation and have been training regularly leading up to it, don't sweat it. One week of missed training is not going to hurt you. On the other hand, if you travel frequently for business, you need to figure out how to pack up your essentials and train wherever you can. Liquid chalk is your friend!
  5. What macro-friendly foods have you found lately? Scott likes the chicken kebab platter (double chicken), greek salad, and braised beans at Zoe's Kitchen. He likes the tsatiki sauce because it's pretty low fat. Matt likes greek-style yogurt in general as a replacement for fatty toppings such as sour cream, cream cheese, etc.
  6. Bobby asks: How do you manage toddlers/young children in the gym? Matt and Scott says let them in, set the safeties, teach them to avoid the platform, and set a good example by showing them that you work hard under the barbell to make your self harder to kill.
  7. Greg Boltman asks: What is your process as a coach and organization to drive continuous improvement in your coaching and training programs? The SSOC coaches communicate frequently via Slack, sharing case studies and strategies for managing various clients. Then there's reading. The most important thing, however, is seeing lots of reps on a regular basis. It's important to see different types of people too. Matt thinks that watching lots of reps gives the coach an edge which can be lost, so good coaches need to watch plenty of reps to keep their skills up. 


More Q&A's to come in the future! Send us your questions at or on Instagram @barbell_logic.


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