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Barbell Logic

Nov 28, 2023

We share holiday training strategies so you don't lose all your gains. Learn the tips and tricks to keep training & gaining during the holidays.

Holiday Training Strategies - Expectations & Mindset

When it comes to holiday training, expectations need to match reality. For many people, they confront more variability...

Nov 24, 2023

This is a replay from Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh podcast where Matt & Zach discuss coaching, online coaching, & business.

Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh Replay

Matt and Zach have interacted before, passing along business advice and Matt coaching Zach when he ran into some issues. Matt jumped on the Strong Life...

Nov 21, 2023

Managing nutrition through the holidays can be tough. Follow these (or develop your own) simple, effective strategies for sustainable holiday nutrition.

Managing Nutrition Through the Holidays - Big Picture

It's Thanksgiving week, which for many begins the longer holiday period where they find themselves standing on a...

Nov 17, 2023

Learn how to structure holiday promotions, from timing (Black Friday, pre-Christmas, and post-New Year's), types of incentives and discounts you might offer, and the cyclical nature of the fitness business.

How to Structure Holiday Promotions: Black Friday & Pre-Christmas

The lead up to Thanksgiving and Christmas is...

Nov 14, 2023

Deadlifts: Eat Your Spine. Is this the perfect cue or the reality of a dangerous lift? Andrew & Niki delve into the depths of the deadlift.

Do Deadlifts Eat Your Spine!?

Do deadlifts, in fact, eat your spine? It certainly feels like it sometimes.

Deadlifts train the muscles of the hamstrings, quadriceps,...