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Barbell Logic

Mar 22, 2022

Tanner Guzy joins Matt & Niki to talk style & its effects on how you look & feel. Check out Tanner Guzy and his style coaching 
Improving your style isn't about showing off or strutting around. It's about self-respect and adorning your body with clothes that help make you feel and look good. 

Tanner points out that when he's looking and feeling good, he's thinking LESS about his appearance and better able to be present and really spend good time with friends and family. When he is unhappy, he often IS focused about wishing or thinking he looked a little more like this or less like that.

For Niki, she doesn't feel good when she does not uphold her boundaries. These situations typically involve social interaction, where she might eat or drink a little more than she otherwise would.

Let us examine what is often an indicator of someone not looking and feeling good about himself. Baggy clothing is often used to hide our unhappiness with how we look. It has another issue, however, in that form-fitting clothing that enhances how we feel gives us feedback about when we might be gaining a bit too much weight.

Our clothing, when dressing in a way that enhances how we look, thus helps provide us a natural metric for what we're doing.

A similar situation is the lifter who finally goes through LP and starts putting on muscles and suddenly her clothes don't fit. While she might think that she has gotten bulky and isn't happy with how she looks, investing in a couple new outfits that flatter her new, more muscular body will help show off her work, and help make her feel good about how she looks.

For both training & style, people often look to celebrities for "this is how I want to look." Tanner has a concept called "aesthetic synonyms" for this. While the person is pointing to something unachievable (he or she has a different body), Tanner can help that person identify what resonates and how he can move closer to that aspect for his own style (and for training, for his own body & athletic development).

Related to this concept of style is authenticity. We don't mean to boast, but we'd like to put our best selves forward. We don't mistake humility for mediocrity, but rather aim high and work to achieve excellence. 

Authenticity may be hard to identify, but inauthenticity sticks out like a sore thumb. We undoubtedly have all seen someone who turns us off as inauthentic in promoting themselves, a product or service, or an idea. 

If you're a coach, it's important to be authentic and build trust. The client is becoming vulnerable for you, so you cannot betray that trust. Do not belittle or insult the client, but you also try to bring that person's best self forward. Yes, the client has identified something he needs to improve and actuate that improvement. Your job is to move that person closer to the ideal, building him up. 

So, consider taking style more seriously, as it is a tool to enhance how you look and feel.
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