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Barbell Logic

Mar 3, 2023

Learn about the voluntary hardship mindset that allows you to crush your goals, makes life better, and underpins happiness and success.

Dr. Jonathon Sullivan and Noah Hayden continue their Barbell Health podcast series, this time discussing recovery for seniors. Jaime Collins joins them, discussing psychology and her journey.

You can check out more of Sully's work on the Greysteel YouTube channel.

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Voluntary Hardship Mindset

If you want to achieve lofty goals, you'll have to do difficult things.

Whether you've found yourself struggling with the effects of a comfort-driven life, or you've generally been active but are pursuing strength training, you've determined that you want to change the course of your life and have some idea of what you want to achieve.

To get there requires you choosing to complete challenging things repeatedly.

If you're lifting, you're an athlete. Athletes train. They do hard things. They move intelligently toward their goals.

The voluntary hardship mindset means you don't eat everything you want based on pleasure. It means you occasionally grind on reps you're not sure you can finish. It means you train consistently in the gym, even if you don't feel like it.

You might have heard of the term "adulting." Well, the first person you have to take care of, the first responsibility you bear, is yourself. Embrace life and its loveliness, including the hard parts.

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