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Barbell Logic

Mar 29, 2021

The Barbell Academy provides an online learning environment for passionate lifters, novice coaches, and professional coaches. Whether you're simply interested in the "why"s behind strength training, considering coaching, starting to coach, or would like to deep dive & continue your coaching education, the Barbell Academy offers something for you. Furthermore, it has become the funnel & process to identify new coaches for Barbell Logic & earn your Professional Barbell Coach (PBC) certification.

The Principles Course helps passionate lifters and new or potential coaches learn the basics--the principles--of anatomy & physiology, programming, biomechanics, and the 4 main lifts. It helps you understand why we do what we do. It will make you a better lifter and a better coach. 

Even if you don't plan to coach others, if you develop your own training, then you're acting as your own coach, so knowing the basics can help you improve your lifting. 

The new Barbell Academy allows you to learn at your pace on your schedule. The previous academy had required you to commit to a 2-hour time block weekly. It also tied you to one coach, and though that coach was a great coach and lifter, this new platform allows the expert in a particular subject to write & teach that portion of the curriculum. 

It has also freed up CJ & other coaches to have more time to engage the community as a whole, as opposed to calls with 6-10 people. CJ is regularly engaging the Academy students on topics they care about, on calls and on social media. 

One of the great benefits of the course is that it incorporates a variety of perspectives & learning strategies & reiterates the material through different methods (multi-modal learning). This ultimately helps you better learn and retain the material. 

Now, what are the steps or courses of the academy?

First is the Principles Course, which is out now and is perfect for passionate lifters, new coaches, and coaches looking to brush up on knowledge.

Second is the Advanced Course, which is coming soon. This takes a deep dive into important topics, and is aimed at lifters who REALLY love this material and want to understand it deeply, coaches looking to earn the PBC certification, and coaches serious about improving their coaching. 

The other crucial part about the Advanced Course is that we will develop more courses, so if you purchase the Advanced Course when it opens, you'll get further courses for no additional cost. 

Now, for the PBC Certification. This is now the standard to coach as a staff coach at Barbell Logic. What's the value of the PBC? 

The process of earning the PBC will make you a better lifter and coach. You'll become part of a community of coaches, dedicated to self-improvement who will also be there for you with their expertise & experience. You will also have the stamp of approval of Barbell Logic and be searchable on our coaching database, so if a coach in your area searches for a Barbell Logic coach, they can find you. The PBC is something you will be proud to earn and represents a high-level coach. Though all coaches at Barbell Logic will have a PBC, not all PBCs will work at Barbell Logic (though there is a great chance this will happen).

Okay, so how do you earn your PBC? The 3 steps are: written exam, oral interview, and platform test ALL OF WHICH CAN BE COMPLETED ONLINE.

The written exam & oral interview are currently occurring online, with the written exam being the first step. Next will be the oral interview.

The final step, and what had heretofore been an in-person event, will be the platform evaluation. This is being beta-tested, but you are able to upload videos of your coaching & will receive feedback and a pass or fail for the PBC. If you have passed the other exams and are deemed likely to be a great fit for Barbell Logic, you stand a good chance to be invited to an apprenticeship process at Barbell Logic and coach as an associate coach. 

Ultimately, this is about making more great coaches. It's about providing Barbell Logic great coaches--without lowering the standard--and ultimately having more lifters receive great coaching. It's about making the process to becoming a great coach easier and creating a community.

So, here it is, the Barbell Academy. It's for lifters, it's for coaches, Check it Out. 

0:00 Introduction
2:09 The Barbell Academy & The Principles Course
8:25 Self-Paced Learning on YOUR Schedule
13:16 Principles Course Overview
17:27 Incorporates Multiple Learning Strategies
22:21 Steps & Courses
27:29 The Advanced Course: Who is it For/Who is it By?
34:13 The Value of the PBC Certification
41:15 PBC Process
48:43 Apprenticeship & Online Platform Test
55:37 Putting it All Together

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