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Barbell Logic

Mar 7, 2023

Listen for a barbell logic podcast update. We're taking a temporary pause to pursue some exciting opportunities and will return soon with more great podcasts.

Check out the Barbell Logic podcast landing page to give us feedback on the podcast during the temporary pause.

Barbell Logic Podcast Update

The podcast has been an unexpected success for Matt, Barbell Logic, and all the hosts since its beginning in 2017.

When Scott and Matt started recording those first podcasts, they didn't realize it would be continuing into 2023, have garnered all the support and audience and recognitions that it has. That it'd had over 450 single episodes, and almost 600 if you count series episodes.

Because of some exciting opportunities that Barbell Logic needs to focus its efforts toward, Barbell Logic is temporarily pausing the podcast.

Stay subscribed, as we'll return with more great podcast content.

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