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Barbell Logic

Sep 30, 2019

Barbell Logic Coach and mastermind behind the Coaching Academy, Bill Hannon returns to the podcast to celebrate the 1-Year anniversary of the academy and discuss how it has developed and grown since it's inception. What began as a way to codify and systematize the process of becoming a barbell coach -- heretofore often thought of as a lengthy, trial by error process -- has grown into a thriving academy where excellent students become intern coaches for Barbell Logic and, ultimately, earn their Professional Barbell Coach certification and join the staff coaches at Barbell Logic.


The Academy has also raised the bar for existing staff coaches, as many have stepped up to lead groups of students through the material and, in the process, improve their own understanding of barbell mechanics, anatomy, physiology, and other practical aspects of coaching.


The Academy is constantly starting up new classes, so if you'd like to join visit for more information.


Have a question about training? Send a question to Matt and Scott! Email us at and we'll answer your question on an upcoming Saturday Q&A! 



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