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Barbell Logic

Feb 11, 2021

Dr. David Puder and Brooke Haubenstricker return to discuss training with depression. How do we help those--or help ourselves--exercise and train and reap the benefits of exercise and training if they--or we--struggle to find the motivation to not just exercise but to get out of bed?  
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One hurdle is that many people are overwhelmed and don't know how to begin. They either haven't lifted or--if they have lifted--they've often done "bench and bis" or some other bodybuilding style regimen, or they've done what a coach told them to do for a sport. The methodology of training we're recommending involves full body, barbell exercises to improve strength.

Another obstacle is that people too often compare themselves to people in the media or social media that have access to personal chefs, personal trainers, illegal substances, all the benefits of photography and editing, and the fact that they chose a specific time to take the photo--they're presenting they're best, edited self, with the benefits of resources we likely don't have access to.  

Another difficulty to overcome is that too many people focus on their body and body image. How much time do you want to think about how your body looks? Let's transition to a more functional idea:  strength helps us accomplish things, beyond overcoming the weight of the barbell. It takes the focus off something that too often produces unhealthy thoughts and onto something that gives us agency.  

Finally, they need to be kind to themselves and not so critical. If they assess their selves, it needs to be with charity and patience and love.  

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