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Barbell Logic

Sep 28, 2021

Gillian and Niki answer your nutrition questions, including hunger & recipes, small wins & gastric distress. 

0:00 Introduction & Gillian is Human
-what do you do if you get off the rails?
-hydrate & drink lots of water
-get back to your normal: don't overreact, but get back to the routine that makes you feel good
-do the things you need to do to get back (shop, food prep, etc.)

9:30 Hunger Signals
-depends on your food choices (empty calories versus protein- & fiber-dense meal)
-what do you mean by hungry? what does that feel like? 
-think about all the distinction between painfully full to truly hungry and needing food--there's lots of difference between those two extremes

14:37 Novice, Intermediate, Advanced Nutrition Clients
-what defines these levels? 
-knowledge, skill-levels, compliance all matter

17:55 Examples of Small Wins
-making changes that are different than their norms that bring them closer to their goals
-think about the meal, the day, the week, the month
-also, think about the small wins versus the guilt and mistakes

21:28 Gastric Distress & Nutrition
-can the nutrition coach help them identify a cause (are certain foods causing this)?
-might recommend seeing a doctor to see if it's something more serious (after tracking with a visual food diary)
-there can be things like bubbly water or medication that might be causing a problem (so let's look at non-calorie items too)

24:53 FODMAPs
-short-chain carbohydrate or sugar
-tend to cause problems for people with IBS
-identify what the person is sensitive to

29:45 Blood Markers
-these matter, but it's really more important to focus on the behaviors
-how will this data change our actions?
-don't fixate on a number

34:26 Training on Low Carb Diet
-understand why the person wants to follow this diet

38:37 Go-To Recipes
-chicken salsa verde
-has been going off what the grocery store has
-instant pot healthy recipes

41:35 Losing Weight with Non-Supportive Family
-need to talk to each other
-might have to lead by example

45:55 Becoming a Nutrition Coach
-nutrition coach versus registered dietitian (cannot prescribe a diet)

56:24 Nutrition Plans & Monthly Cycles
-building an awareness is helpful

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