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Barbell Logic

Mar 22, 2021

The Reynolds family shares their experience--struggles, victories, stumbles--through the first 4 days of the Take Charge 10 nutrition challenge.

Day 1 is drinking more water, and they crushed day 1! They also found that the increase in water intake naturally reduced calories, as they reduced caloric beverages. It also seemed to reduce hunger, which helped reduce calories, because they drank so much water.

The second day presented a bigger challenge, largely because of a 16th birthday party. Dan 2 involves keeping added sugar at or below 50g. This really shows, beyond attempting to complete day 2's habit, that life happens, and we can STILL be intentional about eating healthy and reaching our goals.

Part of the key for day 2 was to avoid added sugar for the rest of the day to enable them to eat cake for the party and still remain below 50g of added sugar.  

On day 3, you need to stop mindless snacking. This doesn't mean no snacks, it means increasing your mindfulness and intentionality about what you put in your mouth. It can be easy to take a bite of something here, munch on something while you're waiting for dinner, or try something. These calories count, and you need to be intentional about what you put in your mouth.

You keep a food journal on day 4. It can be photographic, hand written, typed, on an app, or some combination thereof. Track what you're eating. If you already do this, try to improve what you do here--track calories or macros. Calorie counter apps can help. 

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