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Barbell Logic

Oct 14, 2021

Matt & Scott discuss the myth of maintenance and how this doesn’t really apply for people, despite what people often claim.

Sometimes life prevents strength training from being a high priority, so you do your best. Work, injuries, vacation, etc. can prevent improvement in the gym. When these things are not preventing improvements in the gym, then do your best to improve in the gym.

The day will come when you won’t hit any more PRs and you will train to stave off strength and for your health. 

People tend to think that they’ve reached a point where they’re strong enough and they don’t need to get any stronger. Now, if your goals change--you want to pursue some other athletic endeavors--that’s fine, but you still train and training requires at least some attempt to either get stronger or stave off weakness the best you can. 

There are also drawbacks and real costs to getting to elite levels of strength. This level of strength does not increase your health. It’s not enjoyable. You’re putting strength above everything else in your life, and we’re not calling for that.

That being said, for most people, they’re not even close to strong enough. They haven’t put in the time, effort, energy to pursue fitness, strength, and health. 

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